Panic Attacks Information – What Are Panic Attacks and How Do I Find Out More?

Panic attacks can hit anyone at any given moment. In fact, about four out of every ten people have experienced one. But how do people cope with them? To find this out, more information is needed to understand what a panic attack actually consists of and how it is possible to overcome them from learning more about the whole disorder.What Are Panic Attacks?There is no simple way to explain the feelings that someone experiences when they have a panic attack. The attacks themselves can be totally unpredictable, and strike you with no warning, making you think that you are going mad or are even about to die. The most visual – and probably the most famous – image of an attack must be the expressionist painting, “The Scream” by the artist, Edvard Munch who was known to suffer from panic attacks. He said that the picture was inspired by feelings experienced when he was walking one day with friends by a fjord in Norway. While his friends continued walking, his whole world suddenly turned upside down as the sky seemed to turn blood red and he stood there feeling exhausted and trembling with anxiety. He sensed what he called an ‘infinite scream passing through nature’. This gives some sense to what it can be like.According to the American Psychological Association, these attacks which are intense feelings of anxiety, depression and fear can last anytime from thirty seconds to thirty minutes. They may just hit someone once in a whole lifetime but, for some other people, they can reoccur repeatedly for the rest of their lives.How To Find More Panic Attacks InformationIf you are experiencing these types of attacks, or you know someone who is, there are many ways to find out more information. Your local doctors’ surgery may stock leaflets about the subject and, of course, the library may have, or can get on request, some relevant literature. A wealth of panic attacks information, however, can be found on the Web. There are many sites, both official and unofficial, which can provide links to numerous organizations. These, in turn, will give advice and tips on good mental health.A good place to start is by using one of the many search engines with any phrase relating to panic attacks or anxiety disorder. This could include searching about the different sorts of attacks or the various ways they can be treated. Perhaps, if the thought of taking medication for an attack is too frightening to contemplate, then you could search for homeopathic remedies and change of lifestyle tips. The abundance of information out there is practically endless.All this data is good as background knowledge about the topic and can give an insight into the disorder; however, it is always advisable to seek professional help if you are suffering from any type of anxiety issue. A medical expert, either a physician or psychologist, may be able to diagnose the underlying causes for the attacks and prevent further ones from disrupting your life.

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